Consumer Electronics Packaging

Universal Protective Packaging, Inc. (UPPI) designs packaging solutions that work and work the first time. Time is money. In today’s retail environment, this is true more than ever. UPPI customers have been able to beat the competition to market; gaining premium prices early in the product’s life cycle, extending market life and achieving greater overall profits and higher return on investment.

UPPI’s Consumer Electronics Packaging Solutions will:

  • Increase your competitive advantage and overall market share through high-visibility packaging
  • Enhance your product’s brand identity through complementary packaging
  • Provide advanced security features you can trust
  • Increase your revenues by decreasing your packaging costs
  • Increase productivity and manufacturing efficiencies
  • Reduce assembly time with one packaging component
  • Decrease your shipping costs with lighter weight packaging

UPPI Retail Packaging White Sheet

Consumer Electronics Packaging Solution for the Memory Media Industry

  • Problem: Growing company needed to find a thermoformer to support their clamshell packaging requirements and keep up with limited demand visibility
    • 20 different SKUs and growing
  • Growth Solution: A base package design was created with interchangeable cavities to accommodate current and future SKUs
  • Limited Demand Visibility Solution: Creation of a flexible production schedule with an allotment of raw materials and production block time based on order history and estimated growth rate




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