Consumer Product Packaging

Consumer Product Packaging

Universal Protective Packaging, Inc. (UPPI) knows proper package design and quality manufacturing are vital to the success of a company’s products within the retail market. Consumer product companies need an innovative package to spotlight their products as well as to protect their products from damage and theft. UPPI delivers on these necessary packaging elements by creating a package that works with the product not against it.

UPPI’s Consumer Product Packaging Solutions will:

  • Increase your competitive advantage and overall market share through high-visibility packaging
  • Enhance your product’s brand identity through complementary packaging
  • Provide advanced security features you can trust
  • Increase your revenues by decreasing your packaging costs
  • Increase productivity and manufacturing efficiencies
  • Reduce assembly time with one packaging component
  • Decrease your shipping costs with lighter weight packaging

UPPI Retail Packaging White Sheet

Consumer Product Packaging Solution for the Lawn and Garden Industry

  • Problem: Product – Package Compatibility
    • Cardboard packaging was damaging the product by eliminating necessary moisture
  • Solution: Created a package that maintained necessary moisture levels
    • Package design included air flow gaps
    • The plastic itself did not pull moisture away from the product
  • Additional Benefits:
    • Provided a green packaging solution
    • Increased manufacturing efficiencies
    • Decreased production costs