HDPE Plastic

HDPE Plastic

HDPE is used to make many types of packaging. It is most notably used to make packaging bottles for products with a short shelf-life, like milk. Natural HDPE is semi-transparent, and has excellent barrier and rigidity properties. As a result of HDPE’s excellent chemical resistance, it is used for packaging many household and industrial chemicals such as detergents and bleach. In thermoforming applications HDPE is commonly used where durability and/or cushioning are required.

HDPE: High Density Polyethylene


  • Clarity – opaque translucent and often colored
  • Strength – very soft and resilient (zero cracking)
  • Permeable by gas
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals, most solvents, and moisture
  • Ease of processing and forming
  • Long heat cycle
  • High shrinkage
  • Very high yield

Common Forms:

  • Rigid packaging applications: clamshells or trays used as package inserts
  • Bottles for milk, water, juice, cosmetics, shampoo, dish and laundry detergents, and household cleaners
  • Bags for groceries and retail purchases
  • Cereal box liners
  • Reusable shipping containers
  • Injection molding applications: extruded pipe and conduit, plastic wood composites, and wire and cable covering