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Thermoformed Product Dimensional ToleranceThermoformed Product Dimensional Tolerance

This article answers the question, what is thermoforming and explores the factors that have an impact on product dimensionality, as well as, other important insights on dimensioning and tolerance of parts.

Thermoformed Product Dimensional Tolerance


Sustainability in Thermoforming Industry

Sustainability_in_the_Thermforming_Industry.pdfSavvy consumers and business owners are pushing for sustainability and environmental responsibility in all of today’s manufacturing industries. Thermoformers, producers of primarily disposable plastic packaging, are at the forefront of the sustainability discussion. This is due to the seemingly high volume of natural resources used in production, and the amount of waste generated as it relates to a single-use package.

Ultimately, sustainability is about conserving the ecological balance by avoiding depletion of natural resources. Manufacturing businesses, like thermoformers, can reduce their carbon footprint by applying…

Sustainability in Thermoforming Industry

U.S. versus China Manufacturing

US_vs_China_Manufacturing_FAQ.pdfIs there a difference between the quality of thermoformed packaging manufactured in China and the quality of thermoformed packaging manufactured in the United States? Yes

Will labor costs in China continue to be lower than labor costs in the United States? Not necessarily

Do the benefits of cheap labor outweigh higher shipping costs and longer lead times? No

U.S. versus China Manufacturing

Wrap Rage Reality: The Truth About Plastic Packaging

Wrap_Rage_Reality.pdWhat is wrap rage? Wrap rage is a popular term being used for packaging that is difficult to open quickly, easily and without bodily harm. Plastic packaging has been accused of being one of the causes of wrap rage. So, why do we see so much of it in retail stores, and can anything be done to eliminate our frustrations with this type of packaging?

Wrap Rage Reality: The Truth About Plastic Packaging




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