Tray and Lid Packaging

Tray and Lid Packaging

Tray and lid combo packaging or tray packaging is a versatile packaging option used in a variety of industries. The retail industry commonly uses trays, known as platforms, in combination with paperboard boxes to display a range of consumer products. The industrial industry uses tray and lid combos or trays, known as handling or automation trays, to lower production costs through simplifying product insertion and faster product identification. The medical industry uses trays for medical device applications to ensure sterility, visibility and ease of use.


  • Bottom piece referred to as the tray and does not have to be used with a lid
  • Top piece referred to as the lid
  • Lid fits securely over the tray to ensure product protection
  • Custom-designed to fit exact product specifications


  • Superior product protection
  • Simplify product insertion
  • Faster product identification
  • Eliminates contaminates
  • Reusable

Common Uses:

  • Retail platforms
  • Industrial handling trays
  • Industrial automation trays
  • Medical device packaging
  • Consumer products