Material Handling Packaging

Universal Protective Packaging Inc. (UPPI) offers a clean alternative to die cut foam and molded pulp material handling trays. UPPI is able to custom design a thermoformed solution that will eliminate the contamination associated with die cut foam and molded pulp products. Clean packaging solutions are particularly important when products are to be painted, printed or assembled. Unit and tool price may be relatively inexpensive for die cut foam or molded pulp products, but the overall cost can be disastrous due to high rework and reject rates caused by contamination.

UPPI’s Material Handling Packaging Solutions will:

  • Maximize production efficiencies with packaging that allows for simple and fast product insertion and removal
  • Reduce inventory and associated costs through innovative designs
  • Provide superior protection from physical harm during transportation and storage
  • Be reusable and recyclable
  • Allow for quick, easy and accurate product inspection through clear packaging
  • Clean packaging alternative eliminates contamination

UPPI Industrial Packaging White Sheet

Material Handling Packaging Solutions

  • Problem: Reduce current rejection rate of 20% by protecting painted parts from scratching
  • Solution:
    • PVC tray was designed and produced
      • Eliminated scratching issue from contaminates
      • Stackable
      • Tray created air flow channels for proper paint curing
        • Resulted in a rejection rate reduction of 20%




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