US business owners looking to launch a new product, enter into a reshoring venture or expand their supplier list should start their manufacturing partner research by identifying the companies located in close proximity to their company’s locations or distribution centers.  A manufacturing partner located close to home saves time zone issues, cuts transportation costs, adds convenience for visitation, delivers responsive innovation, expedites communication, and decreases overall cost of ownership.

The United States’ manufacturing sector is one of the largest in the world.  In fact, if US manufacturing was its own economy, it would be the 8th largest in the world.  That translates to an extensive selection of potential manufacturing partners.  The highest concentration of manufacturing companies is found in the northeastern part of the US, excluding northern New England, known as the country’s manufacturing core.

Situated in the heart of the country’s manufacturing core, Central Pennsylvania is home to approximately 335 million square feet of industrial inventory; about 92% of which is occupied.  This area is recently being discovered by major companies looking to benefit from being in the heart of the country’s manufacturing core.  Apple, Unilever, Amazon, Bridgestone and Harley Davidson (just to name of few) have recognized the benefits of having one of their major distribution centers located in Central Pennsylvania.

Central Pennsylvania is also the home of Universal Protective Packaging (UPPI); a custom thermoformed packaging company.  Offering its clients all of the great benefits the country’s manufacturing core has to offer.  UPPI is able to effectively service 2/3 of the US population in just one day’s transit time making just in time delivery simple or a last minute client visit possible.  UPPI’s domestic location, plus its prompt and efficient service, plays a significant role in lowering its client’s direct and indirect costs of their products hitting the market.

Manufacturing products and packaging in close proximity to your company’s locations or distribution center offers many benefits.  As a business owner, the next time you need a manufacturing partner, find a local manufacturer to produce your products and packaging.  You will reap the benefits of manufacturing in the US, as well as, next door.