Geospring Wins Gold at SPE Thermoforming Conference

Geospring is the gold award winner in the combined recycled category at this year’s SPE Thermoforming Conference held in Schaumburg, Illinois.  This fragility packaging solution won this award because of its outstanding recyclability, nestability and resource reduction benefits.

Geospring SPE Award

Geospring Gold Award Winner at SPE Thermoforming Conference

This compact, lightweight thermoformed protective packaging option is manufactured from highly recycled and recyclable materials.  The main material used to form a Geospring product is HDPE.  HDPE is commonly used to manufacture milk jugs, laundry detergent bottles, margarine tubs and like containers used to hold other household goods.  These items are typically recycled by households and are reprocessed into the roll-fed sheet used to form Geospring products.

Geospring’s nestability is second to none which also goes hand in hand with its resource reduction benefit.  You can fit 15 times more Geospring end caps on a pallet than a traditional foam end cap used in a like application.  Also, when nested, a Geospring product can reduce shipping and storage costs by 92% when compared to foam end caps.  Its nestability allows the user to greatly reduce warehouse space and increase space efficiency during transport offering a 10 to 1 shipping and storage density versus foam.

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Geospring End Cap with Carton

Geospring End Cap Packaging Solution