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Medical Packaging Design and Development Using 3D Printing

  Sometimes designing and developing a custom thermoformed package for a medical device can be time consuming.  You may need to have input and review by a large development team and require several iterations of the design.  UPPI can reduce the total development time by using 3D printing and prototyping throughout the design process. Using […]

Zap!!!! Ouch!!!! Static Dissipative Packaging is Here to Help!

The Significance of Protecting Medical Devices from Electrostatic Discharge We’re all familiar with the kid’s prank, and for that matter, some adults too, of shuffling your feet on a carpeted floor, generating a charge of static electricity, lightly touching someone’s ear lobe and laughing at their reaction to the ZAP.  In technical terms, this ZAP is called tribocharging or electrostatic discharge!  It’s a […]

Medical Device Packaging Considerations

Medical device design must include comprehensive primary and secondary packaging consideration. “Medical device OEMs will need to devote more resources to optimizing device packaging for users…They must help improve customers’ inventorying efficiencies through packaging.”  Marc Dubreuil of Farm Design, Inc.  June 22, 2015  Med Device Online During the medical device development stage, partnering with a knowledgeable […]

Recycled Plastic

Increasing Recycled Plastic Efforts Plastic, plastic, plastic.  Recycled plastic, recycled PET to be exact.  Over the past 10 years, PET recycling efforts have greatly improved, not only reclamation but conversion of domestic and imported sourced rPET scrap.  While numbers are improving in terms of gross material pounds, more can be accomplished with improved sorting and processing techniques.  Even better news, PET thermoformed plastic recycling has […]

Geospring SPE Award Winner

Geospring Wins Gold at SPE Thermoforming Conference Geospring is the gold award winner in the combined recycled category at this year’s SPE Thermoforming Conference held in Schaumburg, Illinois.  This fragility packaging solution won this award because of its outstanding recyclability, nestability and resource reduction benefits. This compact, lightweight thermoformed protective packaging option is manufactured from highly recycled and recyclable materials.  […]

Manufacturing Partners Next Door

US business owners looking to launch a new product, enter into a reshoring venture or expand their supplier list should start their manufacturing partner research by identifying the companies located in close proximity to their company’s locations or distribution centers.  A manufacturing partner located close to home saves time zone issues, cuts transportation costs, adds […]